Brad Howard, CEO

Trend Nation, LLC

We recently used Kara as a paid moderator for a company strategy session and couldn't be more happy with her work. She had limited insights into our business ahead of time, she took the reins on our disjointed meeting agenda and helped guide us to a place that provided extreme value for all involved. The executive team after the meeting rated the productivity of this meeting as the highest we have had in years. We will be using her again.

Punam Mathur, CEO

Las Vegas, NV

Based on a 20-year relationship, I observe Kara’s core to be a natural braiding of confidence, humility, likeability, finely-honed and nimble communication skills, brilliant strategic thinking, and a pragmatic and results-oriented mindset. In her role as President of the Chamber, I watched Kara work deftly and authentically with and alongside members of very diverse groups - CEOs, small business owners, community activists, elected leaders, and subordinates. I’ve seen her consistently engage people by honoring all perspectives, while simultaneously compelling them towards results and positive outcomes.

Matthew Cohn, YPO

Chair, YPO-WPO International Event Chair

Dear Kara,

On behalf of the International Events Committee and the YPO-WPO International Board, I'd like to thank you for your continued dedication to your peers. Each year the board committees are amazed at the ingenuity and passion of leaders and programs across the organization.

We appreciate the time and effort you made to developing and chairing YPO-WPO Lean In Conference for Women.   We know that your peers gained tremendous value from the education and idea exchange you have championed.   It is because of champions like yourself that we have set the standards of greatness as seen every year in our many events, programs, Forums and leadership examples. We recently reviewed all of the events from the last fiscal year, and I am proud to let you know that this event rated in the top 25% of all events in YPO-WPO last year. Your event set a really high standard and your leadership was evident in the outstanding feedback we received from members.

Thank you for your inspiring leadership, your tireless dedication and your enduring commitment to YPO-WPO. I look forward to your continued involvement in YPO-WPO events and hope that I will be able to attend one of the events you chair in the future.

With appreciation,

Matthew Cohn (YPO Philadelphia)
Chair, YPO-WPO International Event Chair

Hugh Anderson, CFP, Hightower Advisors

Las Vegas, NV

I have known Kara in numerous leadership capacities and worked closely with her during her tenure with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. The board she reported to was largely populated by C-suite executives. Recognizing the challenges in gaining consensus from such a high achieving, strongly opinionated group Kara, never failed to arrive prepared and ready to deliver compelling positions to move the organization forward. She knew intuitively to “never ask a question to which you don’t already know the answer”. She knows how to develop rapport with her various constituencies and achieve individual connection with her counterparts. She commands a room whether from the podium or the board room table. She’s a natural leader who commands respect through her intellect and ability to articulate complex issues. She also has a reputation for candor and is able to deliver feedback that is effective and compelling.


I can’t recommend Kara enough.

Courtney Dorne, YPO Member & former CEO

Los Angelas, CA

I have known Kara for several years and she is a dynamic leader & articulate communicator. I had the pleasure of being in YPO Forum with Kara. Whether moderator or simply a member, Kara was adept at engaging each Forum member, adapting content when needed, encouraging experiential learning and encouraging us to take more risks. I would recommend Kara as a competent facilitator.

Steve Romeo MBA, BC-HIS

Las Vegas, NV

I was an active member during the time Kara was CEO at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. She was a benchmark example of consistent, methodical, strategy-oriented leadership. At the same time, she never neglected the human factor, always taking time to help others personally. It is this balance along with her other positive characteristics that will keep her successful going forward.

Lauralie Lee Ezra, CEO

Las Vegas, NV

Kara Kelley was instrumental in helping me start my business. Her strategic advice helped me outline a plan that I could use to ensure success. Since my company's initial launch, she has continued to mentor me. She has led company retreats, helped me to grow my business and given speeches to my team. She is an essential hire for any business who could use some personal perspective on how to grow their company.

Mark E. Brown, Founder

Las Vegas, NV

If you are lucky enough to receive advice from Kara, listen to it! She is a dynamic leader who will tell you what you need to know, and not what you want to hear. 

She is smart, savvy and has a great ability to bring diverse groups of people together successfully working for the same goals.

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Kara Kelley "Most Respected CEO"
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